Guidelines for New Clients

I.Accreditation – All business entities/individuals who engage in any business activity within the PFDA-DFPC shall be registered and accredited. No un-accredited person or entity shall be allowed to conduct business inside the DFPC premises. Details with regards to the PFDA Accreditation system maybe obtained from Ms. Lyneth Flores or Ms. Marilou Rostata both of the Admin. & Finance Services Division.

1.1Application for Accreditation/Permit to Conduct Business can be obtained from the offices of the Harbor and Market Operations Division (HMOD) and the Port Maintenance & Refrigeration Division (PMRD) or from the Guard-on-duty at the Administration Building.

1.2It is recommended that the client secure the application form from the Division (HMOD or PMRD) to which his business belongs because the Chief of said Division endorses the said application for approval of the Port Manager.

1.3The accreditation is a one time process. However, the Permit to Conduct Business (PCB) is renewable annually to be reckonned from the date of issuance of the very first PCB.

1.4The Permit to Conduct Business issued to individuals shall serve as Identification Card (ID) and must be worn at all times while client is inside the fish port premises.

II.No ID, No Entry Policy – In connection with the above no one who wishes to engage in any business activity inside the DFPC premises shall be allowed entry without presenting the DFPC issued Identification Card or Permit to Conduct Business.

III.Improvements – All plans pertaining to any improvements shall be subject to review and approval of the Port Manager before any construction is undertaken. Permanent improvements shall accrue to the building and, therefore, can not be removed or dismantled by the client.

IV.Use of Premises:

4.1 The rented premises and/or facility shall be used exclusively for the purpose applied for by the client who shall be responsible for the thorough upkeep and cleanliness of the area.

4.2 The client shall provide DFPC management with a list of its employees with access to the leased/rented premises and the client shall be held responsible for all the acts and omissions of its employees and other persons allowed in the premises.

4.3The client shall pay real estate taxes and all other taxes that may be imposed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and other local and/or National Government agencies effective upon occupancy or start of the lease.

4.4Business locators on long term lease or those who wish to renew their lease shall submit the following documents every year:
Copy of the Business Permit for the current year
Copy of the Income Tax Return or Tax Clearance from the BIR for tax payments for the previous year.
Copy of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) annual information sheet marked received by the SEC.

V.Use of Power and Water:

5.1 The client shall provide his own power and water meter.

5.2 The client will be required to deposit an amount equivalent to three months of the estimated average monthly consumption for both water and power.

5.3The use of power and water shall be covered by a separate contract which shall be co-terminus with the main contract if ever one is drawn.

VI.Entry of Vehicle and Parking:

6.1 Vehicle Entry – All vehicles entering the port premises are required to pay entrance fees. However, DFPC business locators are entitled to avail of preferential rates for personnel service vehicles. The first two vehicles to be registered shall be entitled to pay/buy entrance stickers for only P150.00 each. Stickers are renewable on a yearly basis to be reckonned on the date of issue. Cargo handling vehicles and other vehicles used in the business shall pay the required entrance fee in accordance with the schedule of rates for vehicles. Entrance fees paid per vehicle shall be honored for the entire day irregardless of the number of ingress or egress during the day.

6.2Parking – All vehicles shall be charged parking fees in accordance with the schedule of rates for vehicles. However, vehicles parked within the leased area of the business locator shall not be charged parking fees. Parking tickets issued are only good within the day of issuance.

VII.Easement (Right of Way for Phone Lines, Power Lines and TV Cables) – Business locators who opt to source their power and telephone connections directly from the utility providers shall be charged easement fees. This shall also include other cables that shall pass through or make use of existing DFPC facilities or electric posts.

VIII.Strict Observance of GMP/SSOP – Good Manufacturing Practices / Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (GMP/SSOP) shall at all times be strictly observed. Violations of policies on these matters shall be grounds for the revocation of a client’s Accreditation/Permit to Conduct Business/Lease Contract as such violations could jeopardize the quality of food products manufactured inside the DFPC.

8.1Garbage Disposal – All business locators shall provide their own garbage receptacles following requirements on garbage segregation. Such garbage receptacles shall be well covered and can only be disposed at the DFPC solid waste storage located at the foot of the North breakwater. Disposal at any other area within the DFPC premises shall be meted a fine and/or termination of lease depending on the gravity of the violation.

IX.Orders of Payment:

9.1 All business locators with lease agreements and credit lines shall be billed their port dues through Orders of Payment. These port dues include space and raw land rentals and port facility usage charges such as power and water consumption, waste water fee, and garbage fees. Toll charges such as entrance and parking fees, berthing fees, port entry fee (for local fishing vessels) and, port usage fee (for foreign vessels) are always payable upon delivery of services/completion of transaction or upon ingress/egress of land vehicles or prior to departure of fishing vessels as the case may be.

9.2Credit lines – this privilege shall first be applied for for consideration and approval of the Port Manager.

9.3Surcharges – All Orders of Payment or payables not paid within the due date shall be subject to a surcharge of 3% per month or a fraction thereof.


10.1 Payments for Orders of Payment shall be made at the Cashiers office only. However, payment of toll charges may be received by collecting officers of the HMOD, PMRD or at the gate depending on the nature of the transaction made e.g., toll transactions in the harbor and market sectors shall be paid at the HMOD collecting office while Ice sales and toll transactions made with the PMRD shall be paid at the PMRD collecting office.

10.2Payments may either be in cash or checks. However, check payments may only be done upon prior approval. In this regard, any client who may wish to settle port dues through checks shall first apply and seek approval for such a window.

XI.Loss and Damages – The client shall be responsible for the security of its goods within the rented premises. The DFPC management shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any goods or commodities in or outside of the leased premises when such loss or damage is due to fortuitous events or natural calamities, such as but not limited to flood, earthquake or unexpected fire.

XII.The client shall comply with all laws, orders, and ordinances, as well as rules and regulations promulgated by duly constituted authorities regarding the use, occupancy, sanitation and security of the rented premises.

XIII.The client shall give inspection rights to DFPC management or its authorized representative/s to inspect the leased premises at any reasonable time of the day to ensure compliance with port rules and regulations.

This document, List of Documentary Requirements for Lease Applicants and Schedule of Port Fees are available and maybe accessed at


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